Carepack Materials Posted!

The new carepack materials are ready to use. You can select PDFfiles of the four quarts, an A4 and A3 format pdf file of the total overview. Furthermore there are some png images of the four quarts. If you have any questions or remarks, please contact us.

Kind regards,

Klazine Verdonschot





How to Help Your Instructors in Finding the Right Tools in Blackboard

Over the years Blackboard has developed into a dynamic environment with lots of possibilities for interaction, assessments, grade administration and much more. Our instructors often only use those Blackboard features that were available when they first started using Blackboard. Meanwhile the policies of the universities put high demands on instructors. Instructors do usually not realize that Blackboard can offer them solutions for the educational challenges they face in keeping up with the university‘s policy. This is why we organized workshops in which we showed instructors how to find solutions within Blackboard. For this workshop we used the Care Pack, a package developed by Cultivate. The Care Pack is no longer available, while the method is still valuable. That is why a few institutions in the Netherlands jointly took the effort to update the Care Pack materials and make them available. We also added some features for molding your Blackboard to meet your institution’s demands.